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Occidental College [07 Jun 2006|10:26am]

Greetings. (Moderator, if this type of off topic posting is against community policy, please delete. I posted because I didn't see anything on the main page to say I shouldn't/couldn't post off-topic)

I'm looking to get some information on Occidental College. Here are some specific questions that have come up:

1) A number of folks have said the school has a great reputation? What is the basis for that, meaning, what aspect of it is “great”?
2) Do you know anyone who works there?
3) If so, do they like it? What don’t they like about it?
4) Would they recommend it as a place to work?
5) Do they teach, work as an administrator, or staff person and in what department.
6) How is the technology set up on campus?
7) Do they have open computer labs for students? If so, do they have enough? Are there lines waiting to get in? (other than midterms and finals, when I think there are lines everywhere!)
8) Do they have computer classrooms (one computer for each student)?
9) Are there classrooms with teaching technology such as data projectors, SMARTBoards, visualizers, DVD and VCR players, etc…?
10) Is the campus wireless, meaning can you connect to the Internet wirelessly from most places? Only some places?
11) Do they have a help desk for technology and if so, how is the support?
12) How expensive is it to live there?
13) What are typical rents for a 2-BR apartment?
14) Are homes expensive? How is the market right now for homes?
15) What communities are good to live in in the surrounding area, say, less than a 15-30 minute commute?
16) Do people like going to school there? What do they like about it/why do they like it? Is there anything they don’t like about is?

Any other information along the above lines is greatly appreciates.

[26 Jan 2006|01:43am]
Sick of Britney? Tired of techno?

Support a fellow college DJ and tune into USC's KSCR on Thursdays from 8-10PM PST to listen to queer artists that really rock. Queercore, indie-rock-and-pop, singer-songwriters, as well as bits of queer hip-hop, spoken word and alt-country.

Straight artists in those genres also feature -- you don't have to be queer to get on my playlist, but it helps. *g*

KSCR's got streaming audio, so you can use iTunes or the program of your choice to listen. If you're on the USC campus and you're feelin' lucky, you can try to tune in on your radio at 1560AM.

So -- support a fellow DJ. Support GLBT artists. Let me cry tears of joy when I look at Soundscan tomorrow night. Please? *g*

Place to host radio shows [17 Jan 2006|11:07pm]


Free, and there's a small potential to make money if people start using the site.

Titan Radio concert shows... [09 May 2004|07:39pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey everybody....

It's the end of the semester "crunch time", and CSU, Fullerton's Titan Radio is offering some events to keep you sane by hearing some good live music.

Friday, May 14th @ 51 Buckingham---

The Vaccine
& The Sexy Apes

$6/all ages

Monday, May 17th @ 51 Buckingham---

Dreams Go Disco
Golden ARMS

$7/all ages

Our last show was April 30th and featured The Pleased, The Meeting Places, Dreams Go Disco, and Golden Arms; everyone had a blast! These upcoming shows are gonna be fun! Please come out if you can it will be good times.
Hope everyone is doing well....and Karen, how did the Sparta show go?


KKSM [09 May 2004|10:51am]

[ mood | content ]

Hello people! My name is Adrian and my show broadcasts from Palomar College in San Marcos on 1320am, and on the web at http://www.palomar.edu/adtextkksm.htm

So far its been Sunday nights 6-9pm... free format to satisfy my strange and painful tastes... Hopefully I'll have a similar shift this summer. Tonight's (hopeful) play list:

1. Mogwai - Haunted By A Freak
2. Motorhead - Ace Of Spades
3. Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs
4. Moby - Natural Blues
5. Pink Floyd - Wots ... Uh The Deal
6. Coheed & Cambria - Three Evils
7. Stew - Reeling
8. John Coltrane - Alabama
9. Beck - Sex Laws
10. Blind Boys Of Alabama - Amzing Grace
11. Bauhaus - Passion Of Lovers
12. Gorillaz - New Genious
13. Primus - Mr. Krinkle
14. The Primitives - Every Minute Of Everyday
15. Miles Davis - New Rhumba
16. Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
17. Belle and Sebastian - Roy Walker
18. System of a Down - Forest
19. DJ Spooky - Ibid Desmarches, Ibid
20. Brazil - A Hostage
21. Tears For Fears - Sowing The Seeds Of Love
22. Sonic Youth - Empty Page
23. Bebel Gilberto - August Day Song
24. The Mars Volta - New Song (live from The Wiltern 05/06/04)
25. Incubus - Vitamin
26. The Doves - There Goes The Fear
27. Tindersticks - Tiny Tears
28. Timo Maas - Help Me
29. Elvis Costello - Town Cryer
30. Nick Drake - Poor Boy
31. Radiohead - Pyramid Song
32. Beta Band - Dry The Rain
33. Goldfrapp - Utopia

Hi Abby!! Cheers!

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hey guys its karen!! [26 Apr 2004|10:16pm]
hey guys! i just joined. i'm such a procrastinator! but i was def thinking about the sccrc and how awesome it was. i'm really excited for this week at kscr and heres why:

this week we are giving out coachella passes once a day. we set up the contest so that people would have to sign up on out mailing list to recieve an email about the exact days and times that we would be giving out the ticket. this way, we forced ppl to go to our site, and we also forced them to be on the mailing list. hopefully we will retain kscr enthusiasts after this contest is over.

also this week, we are having sparta play a free show on the usc campus, THIS thursday april 29th. we hope its gonna be huge, and why shouldnt it. the show is free and we are giving away a 2 day coachella pass that night at the show. of course, we are going to get people to sign up on our mailing list and pick one out of the sign ups so that they are on the list after that.

we are promoting the show by flyering and word of mouth. we are also posting it on websites that might be related to sparta, the opening band, coachella, and the like. if any of you guys are interested in coming youre more than welcome! and bring your friends.

so thats whats going on over here at kscr right now. i'm really excited, and i cant wait for thursday!! hope to hear from you guys soon. whats going on with all of you? and, sorry for my delayed reaction with this journal.

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the start of a great union... [18 Apr 2004|09:43pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

today's energy at the conference was awesome and i'm totally amazed at how well USC pulled it off. good job guys! ^_^ hopefully this will turn out to be a great place for us to network, etc. - let's try to use it as much as possible since it takes all of us to get this thing off the ground :-D


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