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hey guys its karen!!

hey guys! i just joined. i'm such a procrastinator! but i was def thinking about the sccrc and how awesome it was. i'm really excited for this week at kscr and heres why:

this week we are giving out coachella passes once a day. we set up the contest so that people would have to sign up on out mailing list to recieve an email about the exact days and times that we would be giving out the ticket. this way, we forced ppl to go to our site, and we also forced them to be on the mailing list. hopefully we will retain kscr enthusiasts after this contest is over.

also this week, we are having sparta play a free show on the usc campus, THIS thursday april 29th. we hope its gonna be huge, and why shouldnt it. the show is free and we are giving away a 2 day coachella pass that night at the show. of course, we are going to get people to sign up on our mailing list and pick one out of the sign ups so that they are on the list after that.

we are promoting the show by flyering and word of mouth. we are also posting it on websites that might be related to sparta, the opening band, coachella, and the like. if any of you guys are interested in coming youre more than welcome! and bring your friends.

so thats whats going on over here at kscr right now. i'm really excited, and i cant wait for thursday!! hope to hear from you guys soon. whats going on with all of you? and, sorry for my delayed reaction with this journal.

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